your reputation isn’t a judge of your true character

—reputation: the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something—

—character: the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual—

People always tell you to “live in such a way, that if someone was to speak low of you, no one would believe it.” Nowadays, people will believe anything just to spread it around and make someone feel low of themselves. The only way most people find joy, is by bringing someone else down. But your “reputation” or what people hear of you, is not who you are!!!!! Your character, integrity, and morality is what makes you. you. People will hear something and run with it, but do not sweat that, the only opinions that truly matter are those of your family, true/close friends, and Jesus Christ Himself. other than those people, you have nothing to prove. As long as you know who you are, you know where you stand, and you can be okay with yourself, then be okay and keep living life.

I agree that you should hold yourself to a standard, and if you do that then no one should have really any bad to say about you, but, no matter what you do or how great you live your life, people will have something to say. but sit back, really think about what is going on around you, and ask yourself, “In ten years, will this matter to me? Will people still see me as what is being said now?” The answer is no.

You will not go to your ten year class reunion worried that people still think that of you, you will not tuck your kids in at night and think that they wonder that about you, and you will not go to work everyday trying to prove that you are not who people said you were.

You were not that and are not that, you have grown, blossomed, overcame, and you are on top!!!

Take what those people had to say, are saying, and will have to say, and GROW so that you can prove them wrong without even having to try!! Grow up and be the person that you know you are capable of being and realize that you are not who people say you are!

Be honest, caring, dependable, kind, and beautiful in ALL ways!!

God bless all you beautiful people!! ❤

One thought on “your reputation isn’t a judge of your true character

  1. So proud of you! Words are a great form of therapy and sharing by helping yourself and others. I hope you will keep posting…a great diary for a life. You never know what will touch someone and make a difference in their life! Love you!


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